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Elev8e Wellness Center

Cultivating Healthy Lifestyles

Cultivating Healthy Lifestyles

Cultivating Healthy LifestylesCultivating Healthy Lifestyles

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When you meet with Jessica Lopez,, Elev8e Wellness Coach, your world will open up to your true potential. Jessica is a counselor at Contra Costa Community College as well as a  private career coach. She has helped hundreds of people prepare for their desired profession..



Alex Tiphayachan, Elev8e Wellness Coach,  is a Reiki master, certified life coach and diversity advocate. He helps his clients  identify their emotional triggers and work through the mental and physical  blocks.



Your work with  Philonda Johnson, Elev8e Wellness Coach, will launch you towards your full potential. Philonda will ignite your inner fire with her engaging teaching style and help you get to the root of your psychological triggers and blocks. 



Suzannah will help you determine your meal plan according to Ayurveda and create a home yoga practice that will support eating in this way.