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Elev8e wellness center

Cultivating Healthy Lifestyles



Tamiko Garner has transformed her own life and influenced many others through her Vegan Curious program. She assesses your current nutritional intake and designs classes to introduce new dishes that will integrate nicely at home. Tamiko is skilled in using herbs to enhance flavor and to mimic your favorite non-vegan dishes. Our hope is that you will elev8e your nutritional intake by choosing a few more plant-based meals throughout your week.

Veganize It!

Eat more plants


By tastefully increasing your intake of fruits and veggies you will boost your immune system and fight disease

Just Taste and See


Try the vegan version of your favorite foods and tell us your thoughts. 

Plant-based bliss


We will start with your favorite meals and transform them to the plant-based version. You will feel lighter, clearer, and more focused.